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Closing the Gap

Have you ever had one of those days at work when you get to the evening feeling exhausted and used up only to look back and wonder what you’ve actually done?

Such a feeling is often borne of what I call corporate drag. This is the effort we expend just to keep up with the processes and bureaucracy of our employment. You know the kind of thing: the endless tide of emails stuffed with long attachments, budget monitoring, compliance, staff reviews, goals & targets, risk assessments etc etc.

Many of these things have a valid purpose. But the way they are designed and organised often add up to a burden so great that it leaves the individual crushed and lifeless with no time or energy to contribute anything real or personal.

This is bad enough at work but what if life itself feels the same? The wasted days grow into weeks, the weeks to months, years, decades…

Behind this frustration lies 'the gap'; the difference between how we would like to live & work and reality.

In Infinite State, the concluding part of The Infinity Trilogy, closing this gap becomes central to humanity’s struggle to overcome the mounting challenge facing our planet & its species.

At the core of this quest is Lodestar, a social network unlike any we use today. But can it survive the many threats bearing down upon it and fulfil its promise?

Infinite State is available now from Amazon.

Photo by Sonja Guina on Unsplash

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