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Extreme Diversity

Everything that can happen will happen. It’s a neat solution to the core problem with evolution - why did it happen at all?

The theory goes that the forces that gave rise to the selfish gene are far from random. Evolution, alongside every other phenomenon in our universe is inevitable because of this law of infinite probability.

It comes from the mind-bending world of quantum physics, a subject few of us have the brain power to comprehend. I plead guilty!

For biologist Theo Azzard though it was almost good enough. Almost, because it still offers no origin, this chaotic domain of multiverses, multiplying forever, without any purpose we can recognise. It started where?

Azzard's drift away from orthodoxy leads him to the theory of Extreme Diversity, a force designed to multiply every element of reality. Where there is matter, make anti-matter, where there are protons, make neutrons. Make life itself.

At the beginning of time, he reasoned, a superior entity triggered this force which give rise to everything we can comprehend in our universe including the rules of quantum mechanics.

The other maverick scientist in Infinite Dream, Alicia Margolis came to a similar conclusion, attributing this trigger to an object she named The Primordial Entity.

It is left to Jack Hallis, the central character in Infinite Dream to join the work of the two tormented scientists together and attempt to solve the problem that defeated Einstein, Schrödinger, Heisenberg & Born.

Hallis is not looking for a theory of everything, however. His search is for Corrine Azzard who, he is convinced, lives on in some dimension beyond his dreams.

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