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The 3 Core Lodestar Behaviours

A fundamental feature of Lodestar's architecture is its emphasis on unity, especially of beliefs. In a world scarred by religious and ideological strife, Lodestar uses its 3 core behaviours to override these divisions as a foundation for action. The simple rules: Create, Respect & Be True are expanded a little here:

Create means to contribute more than we consume, minimising and avoiding all forms of destruction & waste

Respect means to recognise, revere and protect the rights of others* in all that we do

Be True means to honour the truth in all things, avoiding deception of all kinds, especialy of ourselves

These definitions are by no means definitive, they are provided for illustration. The most important thing to grasp is the emphasis on using human talent for positive ends, mostly through creative endeavour of all kinds. 

*including all other life forms

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