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A Different Future Imagined...

.. & Designed

Why are we here? Why does our world seem so broken?

Is our fate already sealed? 
Given what we know from science, could any kind of God exist?

What do the answers mean?

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If some of the ideas in 'M#1: The God Contention' were realised, what could it mean for the future of our species and the planet we share?

This fictional drama, told in 3 parts, shows how one such a future might pan out. We need only turn on our TVs to see how things could get even worse than they already are. But it doesn't have to go that way.

The Infinity Trilogy illustrates a different destination for us. if only we can think differently about what we are as a species and how we might unite and focus to build that better future, anything is yet possible.

A core idea in the Infinity Trilogy is Lodestar, a new kind of social network. This book describes how Lodestar would operate and what would be needed to build it. It is intended for anyone who is interested on joining the project.

The Infinity Suite: Books Defining the Road to Lodestar

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