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Sponsor Campaign Expert

We are looking for one or more volunteer experts to design, build & deliver the campaigns for Lodestar backers. These can be individuals or organizations willing to pledge and commit funding for the development of the Lodestar application and services.
As with all the Lodestar roles, the potholder is encouraged to broaden and develop the role in-situ provided this enhances delivery and team spirit.

The goal of this role is to establish the most sustainable sources of funding and other resources to support the delivery of Lodestar.

Your Attributes

Skills & Knowledge

You must understand how not-for-profit funding works and have extensive knowledge of potential backers and their requirements.

You will know how to design & produce materials, build highly effective targeting and deliver end to end CRM for backers. Above all, you will know how to convert pledges into real donations.

Track Record

You must be able to demonstrate a leading role in creating and converting quality sponsorship for a large international enterprise. This must include deep knowledge of the philanthropic community and how to engage them. You must be able to show how you have cultivated quality backing with long term conversion of sponsorship pledges into concrete funding & support.


You should be happy working in a virtual environment with internationally dispersed teams in different time zones. You should be comfortable working across multiple cultures & ethnicities and be a keen team player.

Above all, you should be an enthusiastic relationship builder.


This role is one of the very first wave of Lodestar appointments. This means the appointed person(s) must be prepared to work as a volunteer and cover their own expenses, at least initially. Once the Lodestar backers are in place, it should be possible to reimburse legitimate expenses, some of which can be retrospective if required. If you'd like to apply, please send a resume and brief introductory note to the Lodestar office at

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