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Can Thoughts Be Infinite?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

So the argument goes that because our brains are finite physical things, they can only model similarly finite things, we simply cannot imagine anything beyond.

Reluctantly, I have to agree. But with a twist. We can imagine something which has form beyond our thinking horizon and incorporate it into our perception of reality. By the simple trick of putting a label on it, we can deal with it without going insane.

The label, of course, is the word itself: infinity. Mathematicians and Physicists may have fancier expressions but the word is good enough for me.

This is why I chose infinity as the core title of my trilogy because each of the three volumes deal with one aspect of the proposition of an infinitely connected universe where even human thought has substance and a life beyond its original creation.

This is what Jack Hallis, the central character of Infinite Dream is grappling with as he tries to decode what he experiences during his increasingly dangerous near death experiences.

His struggle is reconciling what he knows against what he feels. Something deeper than a dream and almost as final as death shows him things which sit uneasily with his waking mind.

A scientific mind with a troubled Aspergic personality and the advantage of a huge fortune at his disposal give Jack an edge in his search for the answer.

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