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50 Shades of Truth

It’s a cliché that the truth is often a subtle, nuanced thing. Rather than some binary choice it is more often something relative to context: time, place & situation. This reality gives rise to multiple versions of the same underlying truth.

Of course this is the refuge of liars who have used it to turn the practice of obfuscation into an art form. But what if we are searching for a deeper truth rather than trying to determine the factual accuracy of some statement or assertion?

This was the challenge faced by Jack Hallis when he conceived the idea of Lodestar, a truth-seeking social network designed to change the course of a world threatened by the exponential growth of ignorance & corruption.

So how did he approach such a colossal task?

In 1819, the English Poet John Keats famously wrote when admiring a Grecian Urn, ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’

Jack Hallis had similar thoughts as he focused on the idea of perfection as a guide to truth.

But searching for that truth means encountering the many shades of grey that make up human perception. Those models of absolute perfection seem permanently out of reach.

Perhaps perfection is only useful as a goal we cannot ever quite achieve. The important thing is not so much the achievement of that illusive perfection, rather, it is the way we strive to find it, to live it.

This was the logic followed by Jack Hallis as he built the foundations of Lodestar.

In Infinite Truth, the second part of The Infinity Trilogy, the battle to deliver Lodestar become much more than a private crusade as a global epidemic of lies reaches its climax.

What would be the tipping point, that moment separating one world from the next?

Infinite Truth is available now from Amazon.

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