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The Lodestar Challenge

Forgive us if the statements above offend. Most of us are at least in partial denial. After all, life isn’t so bad if your family are thriving and your job is steady, if you have your health and your prospects.

But deep down we all know this is not how it is for many of our fellow humans. In fact the vast majority of our species live in very different circumstances through no fault of their own. Just bad luck. They were born in the wrong place and time. Perhaps you are one of them?

Even if we accept the truth about our world it feels like we have no power to change it.

Lodestar is an idea for a new kind of social network, one which unites its members through what they believe and gives them the tools and confidence to act.

To convert the Lodestar idea into reality will first need generous funding and expertise. So for now, we’re looking for help from anyone with contacts in the philanthropic community who might be interested in making Lodestar a reality.

The Lodestar idea is explained in the book Lodestar, A Guide for Developers. It is available at cost from Amazon (see here).

More about the Lodestar Project can be found on our website here.

If you are a potential backer, please use the contact form on the Orthoganix website or mail us directly at

Alternatively, if you have potential backers in your network, please forward this information to them.

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