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Just Published: Lodestar - A Guide

I'm pleased to announce publication of my new non-fiction book: Lodestar - A Guide for Developers.

The Lodestar in the title started life as a fictional social network in the pages of The Infinity Trilogy. Could it become a reality?

Can a social network really be the key to a better world? Certainly not the ones we have today, fun though they can often be. First generation Socnets are mainly about message and media sharing and the profits that flow from selling on usage data.

Lodestar is conceived as an action network, anchored in its users' beliefs and designed to build and boost unity & confidence.

This book is not a technical design. Rather, I call it a sketch of what Lodestar could be and how it might work. To become a reality will require a great deal of interest from the developer community. By this I mean the broadest range of technology investment specialists, entrepreneurs and philanthropists as well as digital architects, software engineers and project managers.

This book is my teaser to draw in anyone who might join the project. It is published at cost by Amazon. Click here for more details.

Cover image by Emiliano Vittoriosi on unsplash

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