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Lodestar Project Launches!

Following publication of The Guide for Developers, The Lodestar Project is now launching.

Its long-term aim is to create a new generation of social network whose members act on their beliefs to make the world a better place for all who inhabit it.

In The Guide for Developers, I set out the Lodestar Vision:

You enroll in Lodestar. You tell it about yourself, especially your beliefs, attitudes and mood. This brings focus to your thinking about how the world is and what could change. It shows you a picture of your opportunities. You join a community and see ideas bubbling up and projects in progress. You might join one or add one of your own or you may be content to watch for a while. Your beliefs guide you towards the problems you most care about and where you can make a difference. You become part of the force for change. The force grows to the point where it can reshape our world, reversing the damage we’ve done and building a new one. The journey is a unifying one. Unity can dissolve hate, build confidence and open up enormous opportunities for our species and the world we share with others’.

The Guide depicts how this might work in practice. But before Lodestar can be designed and built it will need backers with the know-how and resources to give it a foundation.

The early part of the Lodestar Project is therefore to build that sponsorship. For now, that is where the help is needed.

To gain access to that potential sponsorship we will need to enlarge this network. This can only be done by sharing these blogs and the Guide with others, currently outside of this readership and asking them to do the same.

Within that expanding network we will more likely encounter folk with the means to contribute to that foundation.

Passing on the link to the blogs is a simple, quick and painless thing to do.

The blog site is here.

Details of the Guide are here.

Project Information is here. The Lodestar Office can be contacted here.

Acorn photo by Heather Gill on Unsplash

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