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Best selling biographer Helgar Osmath has no love for big business. Her passion is for those interesting characters who stand out from the crowd and make a difference in our world.

Rock stars, actors, scientists, politicians and yes, even businessmen – just as long as they aren’t from the norm.

When she chose aspergic biotech mogul Jack Hallis as a subject she could have never dreamed where that choice would lead.

Helgar’s approach to her craft is intense; burrowing deep and fast into the soul & psyche of her subjects. Not for the first time this leads to a blurring of the line between her work and her emotional life. Jack & Helgar become unlikely lovers.

In Infinite Truth we find Helgar alone and resisting the quest left to her by Jack to pick up where he left off and deliver Lodestar.

But Helgar Osmath loathes the world of business. Meetings, staffing, budgets and the slow corrosion of the soul as the machine grinds you to pulp. Could anything be further from her art?

Yet Helgar knows the cause is a good one and as Jack Hallis reaches out to her from beyond the grave he appeals to her writer’s passion. Business is just a cast of characters all playing their part. All she needs to do is understand who each is playing and her task is transformed.

Why was Jack so determined that a business novice like Helgar should run his multi billion dollar business after his death?

Because he knew she understood the vision of Lodestar and wouldn’t let the conventional logic of business destroy it.

That logic is something that most of us to succumb to. Businesses large or small drive towards a narrowing of imagination and freedom which force us to play caricatures of our true selves. Eventually, those true selves can fade to a shadow of what they once were.

Helgar Osmath is an outsider. Can she take on the challenge? Will she deliver?

Infinite Truth is the second part of the Infinity Trilogy and available now.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

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