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Azzard's Equation

Equations are amazing things, endowed with a concentration of meaning and delivered in perfect balance they are sadly often beyond the understanding of we mere mortals.

Understand them or not we know they have the power to shake worlds as the daughters & sons of Hiroshima & Nagasaki can testify.

Einstein’s legendary explanation of space & time was never intended to be the formula for a weapon but as so often, huge leaps forward in understanding bring unintended consequences.

Similarly, when biologist Theo Azzard wrote his crossover work on the moral universe, he could not have foreseen the heavy consequences for his own life let alone the impact on Jack Hallis, the lead character in Infinite Dream.

Jack is drawn to unconventional ideas and unfazed by the mocking and ridicule of the scientific establishment. He understands the biology of his attraction to Theo’s daughter Corrine well enough but this would normally be short lived.

Once he had seen Azzard’s equation he was entrapped. In his highly unconventional mind, the girl and the equation had become one. The effect was decisive. His path was now irrevocably set.

So what is this fateful equation?

A simple logic defining how a sain (see earlier blog) might be valued. Such a measurement is obtained, it says, by dividing the breadth & depth of the deed by the means of the person who performs it.

It can, of course, be applied to a whole life as much as a single deed.

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