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Reasons to be Cheerful?

Dare we believe we are turning a corner?

The old cliché about lights in the tunnel come to mind. We’re almost afraid to believe it could be true. Yet believe we must, because if we choose not to, hope will quickly fade and with it, the opportunity to rebuild.

The link between belief and action is at the heart of Lodestar, the social network featured in The Infinity Trilogy. Its designers know that if you want to change the world you have to start with what you believe and launch from there.

In Infinite State, the final part of the Trilogy, scientists, politicians and clerics strive for answers in their own silos while Lodestar draws them closer to an underlying truth.

Why would any right-thinking person oppose a drive to such a positive unity of purpose? Sadly, because some amongst us care only about themselves and their narrow circle of friends and family.

This minority is not restricted to the ill-educated, forgotten or isolated. Such a view extends all the way up to the leaders of great companies and nations as they conspire to monopolise the world’s resources for themselves.

This corrupt and deluded minority win only when the majority is divided or distracted. In Infinite State, the battle is on to see if that elusive focus can be achieved and the power of the beneficent majority can prevail. Dare we hope?

Photo by Jamie Street (Usplash)

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