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Sins & Sains

The fact that we have no word for the opposite of a sin reveals how skewed our system of moral judgement has become and how biased it is towards the negative.

It’s perhaps not surprising the toll that guilt takes on us if we ever try to weigh up our contribution to the common good.

Overcoming this bias is but one of the many challenges faced by Jack Hallis in Infinite Dream as he tries to devise the means to measure good and evil in pursuit of a goal that he is convinced will enable him to be reunited with his murdered fiancé Corrine Azzard.

She, in turn was deeply conflicted as she exposed the corruption in her work as a foreign aid fundraiser. She begins to doubt the infallibility of her moral upbringing as she experiments with a lifestyle of self-indulgence & debauchery and finds to her horror an absence of guilt.

The missing dimension is the sain. This is my word for the unit of goodness which stands as the opposite of a sin. Taken from the word saint, it allows a simple switch of focus away from the guilt-biased system of moral judgement we all know so well towards a fairer and more balanced view.

Sains do not compromise the humility that comes with the idea of sins, rather, they provide the ability to see goodness, nurture it, reward it and amplify it wherever it is found.

A single word with epoch-making implications as told in The Infinity Trilogy.

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