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The Mitosis Paradox

Historians might one day look back on our world and be struck by its extraordinary divisions, proliferating almost daily.

Recent tragic events have brought the plight of people of colour into focus. The discrimination and injustice faced by their community is shameful and deeply saddening.

The plight of women generally, people in poverty, those with alternative orientations, those oppressed by corrupt governments, the list goes on and on.

It might be tempting to see division itself as the root of evil. But we shouldn’t forget that life originates from the simple division of cells to form higher organisms. Biological evolution in all its guises has delivered great beauty and joy to our world. Biologist Theo Azzard, the maverick biologist from Infinite Dream, goes further, suggesting that everything in our universe came about through a mechanism he called Extreme Diversity.

But there is another dimension. Extreme Diversity is the means by which true freedom of choice is created and therein lies the opportunity.

In Infinite State, the final volume of The Infinity Trilogy, U.N. Secretary General Magda Honne battles with the squabbling babble of nations to find a new unity, one with the means to lead the human species to a better place.

The road to that place is blocked by formidable obstacles, many of them lethal. Is there a force big enough to overcome them?

Infinite State is available now from Amazon

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