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Who Cares About the Truth?

Are you suffering from truth fatigue? When Priests and Presidents can’t be trusted to honour it any more it’s no surprise that we retreat to our own little bubbles of denial.

Yet can we afford to give up on the truth? What is it anyway?

For some it is that that oath we might swear on the book of our beliefs, for others it is that body of facts and explanations written down by scientists across the ages.

Whether we like it or not, we all live by some version of it.

So what happens when the abuse of truth we are witnessing today reaches its natural conclusion?

In Infinite Truth, the second part of the Infinity Trilogy, we learn just how fragile the trust we place in the truth is and the consequences of losing it.

If you don’t believe in God, you might believe in money.

You might trust its value. After the crash of 2008 we may wish we had something better but here we all are, still trusting in money.

Until one day the sham is exposed.

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